Company Profile

Founded in 1979, Macnica Galaxy Inc. is the first A/D converter importer in Taiwan and the first local electronic distributor introducing Harris and Altera products into Taiwan. Over the past 30 years or so, Galaxy has been a successful technology and service oriented distributor with glorious achievements. We will continue this tradition to provide premium IC products and services to customers.

Galaxy joined Macnica group in 2010 and became one of Macnica companies in Taiwan.  Leveraging our Head Quarter's relationship and reputation with WW top tier semiconductor suppliers, Galaxy represent more famous product lines after the acquisition, this makes our product portfolio more rich and complete, and makes us more competitive in the market.  Galaxy will keep looking for more innovative and advanced products for the emerging markets in order to have long term business and future growth.

Galaxy has been growing steadily over the years as witnessed by the progress in various aspects, whether it is product R&D or market expansion, and all have been getting on the right track. Galaxy has a well-organized technology application team to provide technical support for customers developing products with our products. Our customers are coming from all industries and areas, including Cloud, IoT, communication, industrial electronics, and Automotive industry. Today, we are one of the leading distributors of IC products in Taiwan and China. Especially in recent years when high-tech industries are growing rapidly, Galaxy has taken the opportunity to accelerate the design and development of customer projects.

With the unity strength of all colleagues, Galaxy has been growing even faster these years.  In addition to the Taipei Headquarters, Galaxy has set up offices and locations, including Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung offices, and locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao and Suzhou in order extend a worldwide sales network with over two hundred employees. In addition to represent World Wide famous Semiconductor product lines, Galaxy diversify our business on software, module, customized design service.

Having cultivated a well-developed distribution market, Galaxy believes that clear market segmentation and positioning can help to promote sales with lesser efforts. Growing from nothing, the present success of Galaxy is the work of the concerted efforts of all employees over the years. In fact, the average age of our employees is quite young. Therefore, we are a promising and energetic modern enterprise. In addition to being an enterprise seeking continuous improvements and innovations, our success is attributed to our full authorization, respect and full understanding of employees. This is our corporate culture which has accomplished our rapid but steady growth and allowed us to grasp every opportunity ahead past, present and future.

MACNICA, Inc. was founded in 1972 in Japan. Throughout the decades, the group has developed its branches globally, i.e. Asia, Europe, North America and South America. With the slogan “Co.Tomorrowing”, MACNICA, Inc. will create new value with technology to contribute to the future. To learn more about MACNICA, Inc., please visit the official website:


Corporate Philosophy

Founded in 1979 as a semiconductor distributor who introduced from the first A/D converter Intersil and PLD products from Altera into Taiwan, Galaxy keeps innovating market-leading technologies and services and upholds to the belief in clear market segmentation and positioning.

Committed to running an all-round business, Galaxy has been a successful technical oriented distributor offering turnkey design and total solutions and cultivating emerging markets.

Galaxy maintains the uniqueness of product categories and focuses on technical design and service. In the future, Galaxy will continue this tradition to offer premium services and uphold with the belief in clear market positioning in order to fulfill the one-stop-shopping need of customers through vertical integration of total solutions.

Our Advantages

Having cultivated a well-developed distribution market, Galaxy believes that clear market segmentation and positioning can help to promote sales with lesser efforts. Even in times of recession, we can ensure steady profits.

Galaxy has made clear market segmentation from other electronics distributors. Due to the uniqueness of its product ranges and its devotion to the design-oriented application market, design and service have become its core competitiveness. This has made it different from others who are fevering in price competitions and has allowed it to gain steady profits. In the future, Galaxy will continue this tradition to cultivate the emerging markets in order to assure the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Out competitive strengths:

  1.     Successful product strategy: We focus on value-added products requiring design services, development of emerging markets.  Galaxy has complete product category including FPGA/CPLD, MCU, Analog, Power, ASSP, Memory,…etc.
  2.     Broad customer base : Partnership with customers in the past 38 years, we have very strong relationship with customers in diversified market segments including Server, Industrial , Networking, Automotive...
  3.     Professional team : Our employees are all professional and experienced in the semiconductor industry.  Especially our technical support team has the expertise and capability on design for electronic devices, we are well praised by our customers.
  4.     Globalized Group : After joining Macnica , Galaxy enjoy full support from our group, including technical resources, information sharing, and cross-region business collaboration.

By attaching to the spirit of "Customer Comes First" and with the support of premium products, sincere marketing personnel, and engineers of the professional design service and technology application, we offer diversified and customized products and services to customers. These are the irreplaceable competitive strengths of Galaxy.