Chipone (iML)

Chipone (iML)

Integrated Memory Logic, iML, is a fabless semiconductor company which develops and markets application specific analog, power management, and mixed signal integrated circuits. IML ICs are optimized primarily for the flat panel liquid crystal display and mobile systems markets.

Founded in 1996 as a custom design house, IML successfully transitioned to today's commercial products in 2004 growing as the applications for LCD panels expanded into notebook PCs, netbook PCs, PC monitors, and LCD TVs.

iML has sales, design, operations, and customer service offices in Campbell, California, USA, close to Silicon Valley, and in Seoul, Korea; Hong Kong and Shanghai, China; and Tainan City and Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., to be near LCD market leaders.

Product Features

iML designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive selection of analog, power management, and mixed-signal standard ICs. IML's products are optimized for LCD panel applications, but may be used in a variety of applications.

iML focuses on delivering low power, high-performance, and cost effective solutions with outstanding characteristics including:

  • Low power
  • High slew rate
  • High drive capacity
  • Heat sink packages

 DC/DC Converters

iML designs a variety of DC/DC converters for system design flexibility.

  • Boost converters generate an output greater than its input DC voltage.
  • Buck converters reduce the input DC voltage.
  • Boost/Buck converters provide both Boost and Buck functionality.
  • Multi-Function converters include functionality in addition to DC/DC conversion.

 Programmable Gamma Buffers

iML Programmable Gamma Buffers are designed for system design flexibility with multiple channels and VCOM on-chip. There are two families of P-Gamma ICs for designer flexibility.

  • High Voltage buffers operate beyond 16V.
  • I2C Interface buffers support the multi-master serial bus standard.

 VCOM Buffers

iML designs a variety of Rail-to-Rail VCOM Buffers from 1 to 19 Channels.

 Level Shifters

iML Level Shifters use pulse type inputs.

 Digital Variable Resistors (DVR)

iML DVRs provide LCD panel calibration, programmable VCOM, and pulse-controlled VCOM calibration with an I2C Interface.

 White LED (WLED) Backlight Drivers

iML’s family of White LED Drivers are designed for LCD panel applications. The products are DC-DC Inductor type drivers.

 Custom Products

iML has an established design methodology that enables them to capture their customer's unique requirements and design high-performance, cost effective custom chips.

 Green By Design

IML designs for green production on several levels:

  • Their materials are manufactured to be RoHS compliant.
  • Their manufacturing foundries are required to incorporate eco-compliance and sustainability in their processes.
  • Their products are designed to be low power, reducing the energy consumed in systems that use them.

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