Everspin Technologies is the leading developer and manufacturer of magnetic RAM (MRAM), offering stand-alone and embedded MRAM products. Everspin's MRAM is the industry's fastest non-volatile memory and provides unlimited endurance, unmatched reliability, 10-year-plus data retention and parallel and serial interfaces. As the world's first volume MRAM supplier, Everspin has established an MRAM intellectual property portfolio of more than 600 active patents and applications, many of which are fundamental and essential for MRAM technologies.


Headquartered in Chandler, Ariz., Everspin is a fab-light semiconductor company that owns and operates a back-end manufacturing line for MRAM. Everspin leverages standard CMOS wafers from foundries adding its proprietary magnetic back-end-of-line processing. The Everspin MRAM team launched the first commercial MRAM product. This first MRAM device, based on Everspin's patented Toggle programming technology, has received numerous industry awards and is the first in a current portfolio of more than 100 MRAM products.

Everspin's next generation Spin-Torque MRAM (ST-MRAM) is using a spin-polarized current for switching and will enable scaling of MRAM to Gigabit densities servicing persistent DRAM applications. ST-MRAM will provide a new storage class memory solution for non-volatile buffers and caching applications as well as a new nanosecond-class, gigabyte-per-second non-volatile storage tier. Everspin is on track to commercialize its first ST-MRAM products in 2012 and is expecting to be the industry's first volume supplier of ST-MRAM products to the market.

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