MAX V Starter Kit

MAX V Starter Kit


(Item No: MAX V Start Kit) 

Sale Price:  NT 1900


This experimental board is a simulation board specially made for the Altera MAX V Family of Devices. Those interested in digitizing design could realize their ideas through this experimental board. The built-in CPLD: 5M1270ZT144C5N provides 1270 LEs with 114 common I/O, 8K bits User Flash Memory. Detailed information and specs. are available on the DVD enclosed or on the Altera Web Site ( .

Besides 5M1270ZT144C5N, some peripheral parts connected to it, are available for users upon completion of a digital logic design.


  • 5M1270ZT144C5N
  • 4 bits DIP Switch
  • 2 Push Buttons
  • 8 LEDs
  • 1 Oscillator Socket
  • 4 Extension I/O Connectors

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