Cellular Base Station

Cellular Base Station


The increased amount of data and video being transmitted via the cloud has placed huge bandwidth and power demands on the entire infrastructure market. The combination of a wide range of bias control DCPs, voltage references, digital converters, and highly integrated and industry-proven timing tree solutions addresses the needs of these modern systems.

Target applications include base station radio cards, remote ratio units, baseband units, satellites, and microwave communication links.

Key Features:

  • Lowest phase noise, which maximizes signal-to-noise ratio from converters and enables the best radio performance
  • Broad frequency range allows design portability to support existing 4G and future 5G standards as well as mmWave massive MIMO radios
  • Extremely low skew drift capability, making it ideal for beamforming applications
  • State-of-the-art solutions for 5G, with up to 18GHz LO output frequency with leading phase noise, low phase skew drift for AAS/beamforming, and cTE < 5ns for network equipment

Block Diagram

Recommended Products

Product Description Features Document Ordering
Digital Downconverter
HSP50216 Four-Channel Programmable Digital Downconverter Datasheet Contact Us
Digital Upconverter
ISL5217 Quad Programmable Upconverter Datasheet Contact Us
Voltage Reference
ISL60002BIH31x Series Precision Low Power FGA Voltage References Datasheet Contact Us
DC/DC Converter
ISL9305 3MHz Dual Step-Down Converters and Dual Low-Input LDOs with I2C Compatible Interface Datasheet Contact Us
ISL9305H 3MHz Dual 1.5A Step-Down Converters and Dual Low-Input LDOs with I2C Compatible Interface Datasheet Contact Us
ISL9307 3MHz Dual 1500mA Step-Down Converters and Dual Low-Input LDOs Datasheet Contact Us
Negative High Voltage Hot Swap
ISL6150 Negative Voltage Hot Plug Controller Datasheet Contact Us
Analog to Digital Converter
ISLA112P50 12-Bit, 500MSPS A/D Converter Datasheet Contact Us
Clock Generator
8A34 Family ClockMatrix™ multichannel digital PLL Select Specific Device
RF Synthesizer
8V97xxx Series RF Synthesizers & PLLs Select Specific Device
RF Converter Clock
8V19N49x Series RF converter clocks & generators Select Specific Device

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