SG Micro

SG Micro

SG Micro Crop. (SGMICRO) specializes in high performance and high quality analog and mixed-signal IC design, manufacturing, marketing and sales. SGMICRO's products have been widely used in cell phone, television, DVD player, digital camera, notebook computer, consumer electronics, automobile electronics, industrial automation, medical device, LCD display, etc.

SGMICRO's experienced analog and mixed-signal IC design team is the key to company's success.  The international design team consists of analog and mixed-signal IC design experts with 20+ years experience in IC design, layout, process, assembly, test and quality control, and most of them had worked years in the leading analog IC design companies in the industry.  SGMICRO's design expertise and investment in R&D assure its products of equal or better performance and quality to that of the world's top analog IC suppliers.

Benefited from years of heave investment in R&D and superior design expertise and capabilities, SGMICRO has introduced more than 400 analog and mixed-signal IC products (all lead-free/RoHS and Green compliant) with high performance, high quality and excellent reliability including, 1.5GHz hight-speed OPA, 500MHz low-noise OPA, high precision OPA, 380nA ultra-low power OPA, 50MHz low-noise OPA, 150mA low-power/low-noise LDO, 0.4Ωanalog switch, microprocessor supervisory circuits, video buffers, white LED drivers high-efficiency DC/DC converters, Li-ion battery charges, etc. SGMICRO is planning to introduce more hight performance IC products for portable devices, communications and consumer electronics to the market in 2012.

SGMICRO assures each chip of sound quality under stringent execution of the advanced, reliable, and continuous improving QA system and policy.

SGMICR pursues the front-runner position in analog IC industry with advanced design, superior performance and excellent quality.


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