TE8802L (EOL)

TE8802L (EOL)


(Item No: TE8802L)


TE8802L provides a very flexible USB2.0-based audio & multimedia solution. Interleaved 2-channel input and output with 16/24-bit resolution and 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192K sample rate are supported.


  •  USB2.0 High-Speed device supporting Audio Class v2.0
  •  USB2.0 Full-Speed device supporting Audio Class v1.0
  •  Audio Features
  •  2-Inputs support by one I2S pairs with 128/256 Fs
  •  2-Output support by one I2S pairs with 128/256 Fs
  •  Adaptive/Asynchronous Mode supported
  •  High-Speed mode support Adaptive/Asynchronous
  •  Full-Speed mode support Adaptive only
  •  Resolutions support 16/ 24-Bit with sampling rates support 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192KHz
  •  Built in one IEC60958 professional 24 bit/96KHz S/PDIF RX
  •  Built in one IEC60958 professional 24 bit/192KHz S/PDIF TX
  •  One set of master I2C ports
  •  Two sets of standard MPU-401 compliant MIDI Tx/Rx pair by UART with pass-thru.
  •  Offer customized driver for Windows OS
  •  PLL integrated to support single 12MHz crystal operation
  •  1.8V core, 3.3V analog and I/O (3.3V tolerant)
  •  LQFP-128 package
  •  PB-Free


  •  USB DAC Amp
  •  Hi-Fi Studio
  •  Musical Instrument
  •  Digital Audio Workstation

Evaluation Board

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