Ansys Discovery

Ansys Discovery

A Real time simulation tool built for designer

ANSYS Discovery is a 3D design software that provides easy-to-use tools for all physics types, allowing engineers to rapidly iterate on more concepts in real-time and improve design performance in just minutes, accelerating time to market.

Three modes

Ansys Discovery can switch freely in three modes that enables design engineers to perform fast design exploration and routine simulation upfront before handing off to simulation experts. Model mode can easily modify the model; Explore mode can do real-time simulation after modifying the model; Refine mode can do high fidelity simulation.

Simulation type

Multiple physics simulation with a single tool that makes simulation faster and enables more engineers to use simulation, including structural, thermal, fluids analysis, and topology optimization.

Automatic report generation

Automatic report generation After simulation by Ansys Discovery, reports can be automatically generated.

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