EtherCAT Slave + FOC Solution

EtherCAT Slave + FOC Solution

Infineon’s XMC4300 Microcontroller series could reduce the complexity and cost for EtherCAT implementation. “EtherCAT slave + FOC” solution has been applied by outstanding CNC machine tool customers in the country and mass-produced.

Product feature

 XMC4300 Microcontrollers have EtherCAT communication function. The product is developed for industrial applications which require cost-effectiveness, design flexibility, connectivity and real-time performance. 


Refer to the graph below for XMC4300 Microcontroller internal structure:

Macnica Cytech released “EtherCAT slave + FOC” solution, with EtherCAT slave implementation on a basis of XMC4300, and the implementation of FOC servo motor current loop control by Intel PSG MAX10 application. Refer to the graph below for the system


Macnica Cytech could provide reference system board for customers to test and evaluate. The solution facilitates customers for quick prototype design. The development board supports interfaces as below: 

  • EtherCAT Slave x2
  • USB-> UART
  • CAN, RS485
  • DIx8, DO x8


Target applications include factory automation, industrial motor control, I/O module and robotic equipment.

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