Industrial Camera Module

Industrial Camera Module


Macnica Group recently introduced an industrial camera module to market, by making use of its own advantage, and cooperating with a group of vision image technique experts in the country. The newly released product is a low-cost camera module with high performance. Customers could purchase a finished camera, or buy a module to form the camera by themselves. It is highly flexible.

The newly launched camera module supports image sensor up to 2M pixels. It provides highly efficient ISP function and supports USB3.0 or GIGE Vision interface. The first edition camera module applied On-Semi PYTHON 480A color sensor (500,000 pixels).

industrial camera.png


Main Device
⦁    5CEFA2M13C8N
⦁    PYTHON480A
⦁    EN5329, EP53A8, EV1320
⦁    MT41J256M16HA-125IT
⦁    MT25QL256ABB8E12-0SIT
⦁    CYUSB3014-BZXI

⦁    800*600 resolution, support up to 2M pixels
⦁    USB3.0 or GIGE Vision

Functional Diagram
industrial camera diagram.png

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