Silic SoC - Arria 10 SoC Module Solution

Silic SoC - Arria 10 SoC Module Solution

Macnica Group introduced the mass production version of Silic SoC module in August 2018.

Product feature

This is a plug-and-play SoC module. Customer would focus on the development of application and custom logic only. Development input is reduced and development cycle is shortened. 

Standard Module Specifications

Main Device

⦁   Intel Arria 10 SoC, logical volumn: 270-660KLE
⦁    Dual core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A9


⦁    Processor side: 4GB DDR4 with ECC @40bit, 5pcs
⦁    FPGA side: 8GB DDR4 with ECC @72bit,9pcs
⦁    128MB SLC NAND Flash,128MB SPINOR Flash
⦁   I/O Interface
⦁    24 pairs of High-speed transceivers, maximum rate: 14.2Gbps
⦁    LVDS – 12 pairs (10AS027), 48 pairs (10AS048)
⦁    FPGA GPIO – 60(10AS027), 101(10AS048)
⦁    Processor Peripherals: EMAC x1, USB (和SD/MMC共享) x1, I2Cx2, UARTx1, GPIOx1


⦁    EEPROM – I2C, 512Kb, Temperature Sensor – I2C,Encryption – I2C, DS28C22Q, Watchdog -- MAX6746

Power Supply

⦁    5V single supply
⦁   On board generated 3.3V,2.5V,1.8V(IO),1.2V(DDR4),1.0V(GXB), 0.9V (core voltage)

Mechanical structure

⦁    Size: 120mm x 74.2mm
⦁    18 layers PCB
⦁    Connector: Samtec ST5 series, 160 pins, x2(10AS027)/x3(10AS048), support 20Gbps transmission rate

Software Support

⦁    Quartus II reference project and Uboot
⦁    Linux version: Linux-4.1.22-ltsi
⦁    Default SMP mode, can support AMP mode
⦁    File system: JFFS2 on NAND Flash


Silic SOC Module System Diagram: 

Standard Module Purchasing Code and Parameter

Purchasing code: CYTSILIC-48H3E2-FF1JR

⦁    FPGA: 10AS048H3F34E2SG
⦁   24 pairs of XCVR high-speed transceivers: 14.2Gbps
⦁   Temperature range: 0°C ~ 100°C
⦁   FPGA speed grade: -2
⦁   HPS DDR4: 4GB with ECC
⦁   FPGA DDR4: 8GB with ECC
⦁   NAND: 128MB
⦁   QSPI Flash: 128MB


Macnica Group could provide hardware and FPGA reference logic, Linux driver/ BSP development with the module. Also, provide customized module with the main chip or memory options.

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