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Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGAs are optimized for low static power, low-cost applications, such as I/O expansion, sensor fusion, motor/motion control, chip-to-chip bridging, and control. Start your design by downloading Intel Quartus II Prime software and verify your FPGA design in our Cyclone Starter Kit.

The Helio Cyclone V SoC evaluation platform based around Altera's Cyclone V SoC series devices provides ease of use and is inexpensive to buy. The platform consist of a baseboard, an optional wide VGA touch screen LCD board and a series of ‘pico-modules' to add additional functionality to the platform - such as WiFi and temperature / humidity sensors.

This experimental board is a simulation board specially made for the Altera MAX V Family of Devices. Those interested in digitizing design could realize their ideas through this experimental board. The built-in CPLD: 5M1270ZT144C5N provides 1270 LEs with 114 common I/O, 8K bits User Flash Memory.

Amedia's Network Video Server module streams real-time audio/video over the Internet, enables system designers to quickly develop a Network Video Server, or IP Camera by using MPEG-4 technology.

Whether you are collecting and processing data, controlling a remote device, or just adding extra hardware processing to an industrial or IoT design, MAX 10 FPGAs offer outstanding value and have the features and capability you need to achieve your design goals.

Traditionally, FPGA configuration needs USB Download Cable, but it takes tens of minutes to write data to flash memory. Using SD card, it only needs several seconds, that can save much of RD development time.

The development board is designed for IC development and verification, therefore, it is compatible with Altera Stratix II Device Family. FPGA of EP2S180F1020 of the largest specification can provide embedded memory with a maximum capacity of 179,400 LEs, 9,383,040 bits and maximum 753 available I/Os for IC designers. If the FPGA of maximum capacity still can't meet design requirement, you can extend the available capacity by means of stacking.

Following Altera's Step , GFEC extend the Stratix II FBGA 1020 prototyping module to Stratix III . Customer is able to move their ASIC prototyping platform from Stratix II device to Stratix III device easily , and increasing prototyping logic capacity to 2 times , the module all I/O pin definition and connector dimension compatible with Stratix II FBGA1020 FPGA prototyping module.

This Development board has been designed for the IC R&D verification application. It may be used to support the FPGA components of the Altera Stratix IV family E series. The highest specification of FPGA EP4SE820H40 provides the IC designs with maximum capacity of 813,050 ELEs (Equivalent Logical Elements), 23,130,000 bits embedded memories and maximum 960 available I/Os. If the now available maximum capacity of FPGA in the industry may not satisfy its design demands, one may use the Development board by implementing stacking method to expand its usable logical capacity.

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