For over 20 years, Microtronix has empowered customers worldwide with custom networking, communications, and embedded product solutions. The company specializes in rapid development of FPGA-based hardware, intellectual property (IP) cores, and software solutions for embedded applications. The company focuses their hardware talent on developing performance IP cores, including a line of SDRAM memory controllers, and the application of FPGA cores for accelerating HD video processing and conversion. Their software engineering expertise is in developing low-level hardware drivers, (for example, PCI/PCIe or Ethernet), TCP/IP protocol stacks, and Linux kernel development. Having ported the µClinux kernel distribution to the Altera® Nios® embedded processor architecture in 2001, Microtronix continues to support this technology on the second generation Nios II processor. This software competence is complimented with a line of engineering FPGA design kits and IP cores that augment Altera\'s Nios II and FPGA products. Microtronix FPGA design kits and IP cores support the following capabilities and applications: Ethernet, USB, processor bridge interfaces (Avalon® system interconnect), SDR/DDR/Mobile DDR and DDR2 memories, high-definition (HD) video processing and encoding/decoding, DVI, PCIe, and I2 C master/slave/PIO IP solutions.

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