TE7022L(Not recommend in new project)

TE7022L(Not recommend in new project)


(Item No: TE7022L)


TE7022L is a low power, cost-effective, USB 2.0 Full-Speed compliant Audio Streaming Controller. It features one independent stereo playback and recording pairs and one IEC60958 S/PDIF receive and transmit streaming pair with independent volume control, supporting 16/24-bit resolution and up to 96K Hz sampling rate.


  •  USB 2.0 Full Speed compliant & USB Audio Class 1.0 supported
  •  16/24 bit Resolutions supported
  •  8/16/32/44.1/48/96 KHz sampling rates supported
  •  2-input channels and 2-output channels supported by one I2S pairs with independent sample rate
  •  Built in IEC60958 professional S/PDIF TX & RX, AES/EBU supported
  •  6 GPI pins for HID function
  •  Built-in ROM for USB descriptor
  •  One I2C master port for external EEPROM for advance feature
  •  PLL integrated to support single 12MHz crystal operation
  •  3.3V Operation Voltage
  •  48pin LQFP package
  •  PB-Free


  •  USB DAC Amp
  •  USB Speaker
  •  USB Sound Box
  •  Musical Instrument
  •  Digital Audio Mastering

Evaluation Board

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