Current Status of the GPS Market


GPS suppliers generally fall into 4 categories. The GPS chipset supplier offers chipsets for end product developers, such as Infineon, Phillip, IBM, A&D and ST. The GPS module supplier offers GPS modules for GPS product makers, such as Trimble, Motorola and Rockwell. The end product supplier offers a wide range of GPS products, such as navigators for cars, ships, aircrafts, and people. These products are supported by easy-to-use software using friendly MMI (LCD, CRT and keypad) and 2-way transceivers (GSM, CDPD, trunk radio and WCDMA). Suppliers in this category include Trimble, Garmin and Magellen. The precision GPS receiver supplier offers high quality GPS receivers. They must receive P-code licensing, such as Leica. There is a number of IP integration solution providers, such as Parthus.

GPS suppliers specializing in the area of communication electronics and that are capable of teaming up with leading mobile communication product suppliers by providing location-based service include Trimble, Motorola, Rockwell etc. Following the expansion of applications of consumer electronics, GPS integration has become a rising trend. This include the e-map, NAVI systems, cellular phones, PDAs, smart phones etc. When GPS integrates with suitable e-maps and well-designed navigation systems, it will become a daily necessity.